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 Sydney is the unofficial capital of Australia. True, Canberra is where the seat of parliament is, however, Sydney is the city which contributed most to the culture and history that have come to represent the New South Wales capital History When we talk about the history of Sydney, we are referring to the modern history. Of course, the original area was colonised by Indigenous tribes countless years ago. However, since most of that history is not accurately recorded in history, the city of Sydney began after colonisation. So, how did this modern history begin? Originally, the area, which was visited by the ' First Fleet ' in 1788, was established as a penal colony. Since this was the first recorded effort to establish a centre of population, 1788 marks the foundation date for what would become Sydney city region. The city then served as the capital of the British colony of New South Wales from 1788 to 1900. After this point, The Australian Federation was formed, and Sydney beca

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