When it comes to London, there is simply no end to things that can be mentioned. 

This is a city of intrigue, history, culture and diversity. And, it didn't get to this point by chance. The development of this city has taken literally thousands of years to arrive at this point.

History of London UK

As this is a 'Wiki' site, please update any information that you find incorrect. If your memories or knowledge of London UK is accurate, we'll add your revisions to this site.

We will include any kind of information that is non adult in nature, or promoting any product, religion, political persuasion, or lifestyle choices. The reason? Because this London site is non-discriminatory. We want a concise, accurate, and yet comprehensive guide to London. 

For more information about London, visit our London business directory. We use that site to list and promote local London businesses. So, here are a few of the subheadings for which we need more information on London.

Early History

Please send us information about London dating back to Roman times...and before. London has had a long and detailed history, consisting of rulership by extremely diverse cultures, monarchies, and empires.

Modern History

What is London like today? How does Covid-19, September 11, and financial collapse over various periods contribute to the London that we know today? Please send us your thoughts on this.

London Sports

London is home to Cricket, Football and Wimbledon. What are the details on these local sports, their history, pricing, and travel options?

Send us any relevant information on London in this aspect.

In Summary

London is a 'magical' place. Let's share everything that is great about the UK's capital city, what it has to offer, and how it arrived at where it is.

We look forward to hearing from you, getting your thoughts, and promoting this magnificent city!


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