Fremantle Western Australia

 When it comes to iconic Australian ports, Fremantle is one of the highest regarded, why? Fremantle is a city steeped in rich history, cultural diversity, and is of the highest importance to Australian history. No wonder that, if you ask any local realtor, they will tell you that property in the oceanside port is highly sought after!

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A Brief History of Fremantle

However, as with most areas of Australia, European colonisation brought 'progress' to what the colonisers believed was an uncivilised community. At the time that the area was colonised, the age was marked by a fair degree of competitiveness between Dutch and European explorers. So it was that Willem van de Vlamingh 'discovered' the area in 1697, more 300 years ago.

Following that initial introduction, the area was marked for a British settlement in 1827 when Captain James Stirling on HMS Success gave a favourable report on the area, leading to Captain Charles Fremantle, of HMS Challenger hoisting a flag, and claiming possession of the area on 2 May 1829.

12 August 1829 was officially the date when the settlement of Perth was established, and on 1 June 1850, the first convicts arrived in the new port of Fremantle to begin an episode of history for which Australia is famous.

Fremantle Today

Known affectionately as the 'Gateway to the West', Fremantle has embraced it's rich history, and, after many years, acknowledged the indigenous owners of the area through extensive renaming of areas, cultural development, and official governmental acknowledgements.

Fremantle is a thriving commercial hubs. Although the area is not enormous, boasting only a modest population, it's row of cafe's, restaurants, and niche clothing stores are too much to explore in only one day. Consult a good local business directory before visiting the area, or you could miss out on all that Fremantle has to offer. Alternatively, there is an official website dedicated to helping visitors benefit fully from their visit, entitled Visit Fremantle.

Although Fremantle's beaches are nice, they are not the absolute best in the area. Do not, however, let this deter you. As mentioned, Fremantle is a Gateway to the West. So, if you can visit the area, be assured that you will be well centred to visit the many wonderful attractions that Western Australia has to offer.

What Are Your Experiences?

If you have had the privilege of visiting Fremantle, please contact us to let us know what you thought..and how you benefitted from your visit.