5 Essential Travel Tips For London




5 Essential Travel Tips For Visiting London

Going to travel to London? We would like to share these 5 essential travel tips for visiting London, so that you are a Londoner before you arrive. 

London is a vibrant, always open city that can be exciting, captivating and get you at every, and any, given time. It is also confusing, challenging and making you dry reach – but you’ll still love it! Of this you can be sure.

So, for those planning to visit, here are our 5essential travel tips for visiting London. Don’t have a never ending budget? Our tips will save you money.

When in the UK, why not try one of the many day trips from London and travel to many of the other amazing cities such as Liverpool or Brighton!

UK Currency

The UK local currency is the Great British Pound and not many places will accept anything other than the Pound or your visa or debit card. You can withdraw cash from any ATM but to avoid transaction charges, use an ATM located outside of a supermarket or a bank. If you have Euros, some hotels and also some of the larger stores will sometimes accept this.

Travel - London has temperate and changeable weather

Local Weather

The local weather is temperate, which means quite changeable. Autumn through to Spring, November until March, is chilly and blustery Summer, which is June until August is (often) warmer, sunnier, but quite busy as you can imagine. The Spring and Autumn months usually have temperatures varying between 14-20 degrees and is probably the best time to sight see, since it is neither too hot nor too cold. Whenever you decide to visit, you’ll need an umbrella – the weather can change on a penny! London is a wonderful place to visit, however don’t expect snow, it can come or it may not!

When is the best time to visit London?


The school holiday periods are crowded and not always a good time to visit. Queues can be very long in, it’s not always known as a calm place to visit.

London is one of those cities that are permanently busy, but for the least congestion, and better weather, early Autumn or Summer(September or June) are our recommended periods to come.


London Underground

London Underground is a great way to travel

For first time visitors to London, the underground can be quite overwhelming, however it is easily the best way to travel.

Taxis cost way too much, buses take too long and the city is many hours of foot bruising walking. Make it easy for yourself, grab an oyster card, they are simple top up, grab a London underground map, put it on your phone, and you’re ready to go!  The TFL website is also a great resource for finding specific routes, and provides hop on and hop off destinations for most London attractions.

Costly London

London is not cheap. Regrettably, it’s popularity comes at a price – one good thing though, it makes our holiday destinations look very affordable! For a reasonable place to sleep, expect to pay £100 a night for an ok private room, you’ll pay £4 for a pint of beer, more than £7 to buy lunch at a cafĂ© and north of £25 per person for a good meal.

How long will it take to visit all the sights? You should plan to stay at least 4 days in London – and budget at least £600 for those on a limited budget (and this doesn’t include your travel).

Travel - The cost of dining out in London

London Is Open – Will You Travel?

London recently reopened after the Pandemic.

Now is a great time to visit. But do your due diligence first.

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